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Our Unique Features

Save hours of time & get valuable data immediately.
  • Focus on sales
When you invest in a list of leads for you or your sales team to contact, it lets you focus on sales rather than acquiring the data.
  • Use LinkedIn + cold emailing
Reach out to leads on more channels than solely email for a higher chance of the business to see your message & reply.
  • Create custom audiences
Use this data to target ads at the decision makers of these businesses by creating custom audiences with the data.
  • Spend less time prospecting
Stop paying your sales team to do prospecting. Let them focus on what actually brings revenue to your company – selling.
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Plans For Everyone

Always work with up-to-date data.

Basic PLAN

Never work with outdated data.

$15 / month

Product Leads 500
Daily Product Leads Manual
Product Leads included All

Growth PLAN

A better deal for long-term users.

$50 / month

Product LeadsUnlimited
Daily Product Leads Automatic
Product Leads included All

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered

Why is this a subscription?

By subscribing, you can get leads from multiple sites and target more audience.

What percentage of contacts have email addresses?

About 20-30% of websites have emails in our data set.

How do I get a one-off report?

Sign up for the Monthly Plan and get the report you want then cancel your account.

Can I download the full list?

Yes the list will be mailed to your account as a CSV File.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your account whenever you like via your account.

How is the data collected?

We search about 3000+ websites to collect data for the targeted audience.

How accurate & complete is the data?

From what we’ve seen, the data is about 90-95% accurate. All data collected is publicly available information. Some companies don’t share information publicly so the data can be empty for them.

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